Meet Our Equine Athletes

If you’re a boarder or a member of the Feelgood Farm Show Team and want your horse listed here, email us and we’ll add your horse below.

Down the Rabbit Hole "Brave Alice"

Down The Rabbit Hole (aka “Brave” Alice) is a horse of a lifetime. Purchased by Morgan Feelgood Farm’s owner from Windsor Farm Sales as a 3-year-old, Alice has proven time and again that horses go above and beyond for their riders.

Alice and Morgan were both green, and worked up the levels together giving each other confidence to reach greater heights and travel to new places. Alice has a lifelong place at Feelgood Farm and will be stepping down from the bigger jumps this year to try some National Hunter Derbies. Alice has won multiple High Adult Classics and competed in the Highs and a/o’s throughout her career.

Alice has won more prize money than any other horse to date for Morgan Her most recent success was second in the High Adults only losing the win by 2/10’s of a second at Washington International Horse Show.

Captain Morgan I

  • Birth Year, Type, Height:  2013 Grey Holsteiner Gelding (17.2h)
  • Breeding: Dakota x Contact Me x Caligula II
Captain Morgan is the first foal from Feelgood Farm’s breeding program. Captain has a very biddable personality and is as sweet as they come. He loves having his withers scratched and is ready to be a part of any conversation. Currently a buckskin / roan color, he will turn rose grey. His full medical history is available. He has no issues, no vices, problems and you can ride him without lunging and even on take him out on trails. He requires no prep at shows. He has clean legs and has been trained correctly with turnout and trail riding in addition to flat work, off farm mileage and now numerous shows.  He’s currently competing on the circuit in the young jumper championships classes. Some of his accomplishments:  He was 3rd in the zone with an amateur rider for the 5-year-olds, with multiple placings in the High Adults that year. He won the Lexington VA Young Jumper Development Program Stakes Classic with Morgan Baugher and most recently won the Devon 6-year-old finals and was Reserve Champion of the Princeton Young Jumper Finals Corinthian Classic with David Matisz. Morgan Baugher was named Top North American Breeder at Princeton with this special  horse.
Sale Price Range $50k+

Rebel Rabbit

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2016 Black Blanket Appaloosa Spotted Sporthorse Warmblood Appaloosa Gelding (16.2h)
  • Breeding: Honkytonk Wrangler x Feuertanzer x Rebel Fleet

Rebel Rabbit is a fairy tail horse owned by Morgan Baugher. As a child Morgan fell in love with Appaloosas and collected Breyer horses. Her favorite Breyer was Stud Spider a model after the famous horse owned by Hollywood actor James Brolin. As an adult Morgan set out to purchase her very own Appaloosa “dream horse”.

She found Rebel Rabbit and purchased sight-unseen from the breeders. He turned out to be Stud Spider’s great grandson!

Neolivia J.W.B. VDL

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2018 Grey KWPN Mare
  • Breeding: Zirocco Blue VDL x Campbell VDL x Corrado I

This beautiful, world-class filly has some of the best breeding you can find in a jumper pedigree. Imported from Amsterdam this filly is one of the future superstars of Feelgood Farm.

Sale Price Range $15-25k

Nymphie Girl GR

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2018 Bay KWPN Mare
  • Breeding:  Comthago x Wittinger VDL x Landgraf I

This beautiful, world-class filly has some of the best breeding you can find in a jumper pedigree. Imported from Amsterdam this filly is one of the future superstars of Feelgood Farm.

Sale Price Range $15-25k

Calido's Treasure

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2008 Grey Westphalian Gelding (16.2h)
  • Breeding:  Calido x Polydor x Athletico

Calido’s Treasure has a huge list of accomplishments. It goes without saying he’s an overachiever and is careful over the fences! His biggest accomplishment was in April 2017 where he and his pilot Sandra Zimmerli won the HITS Culpepper $25,000 Grand Prix. He also has numerous wins in the High a/o’s, Low a/o’s and Med a/o’s.

He is the newest member of Morgan’s Show String where she hopes to compete him in the a/o’s and enjoy his lovely personality and giving nature. Calido’s nickname is “Handsome” and he loves running to you in the field for cookies. He was deathly afraid of Rebel Rabbit when he first came as Rebel has spots (Appaloosa) and he had never seen a spotted horse before. It took 2 solid weeks for him and Rebel to become the friends that they are today. Now the two of them go everywhere together!

Nice Girl GR

  • Birth Year, Type, Height:  2018 Registered Grey/Roan KWPN Mare
  • Breeding: Harley VDL x Brugal VDL x Indoctro
Sale Price Range $15-25k

This beautiful, world-class filly has some of the best breeding you can find in a jumper pedigree. Imported from Amsterdam this filly is one of the future superstars of Feelgood Farm.


Clearway's Ashfire

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2013 Grey Registered Holsteiner Gelding
  • Breeding: Clyde x Ramon x Elton

Ashfire is truly an old soul type. He excels in everything he’s asked to do and has scored an 82 in a hunter derby with an amateur on board. Recently he was Grand Champion of the 1.15’s in Vermont. He’s had multiple wins with an amateur rider in a variety of classes. He has great breeding and a big jump, added to his great brain!

Sale Price Range $50k+

Wonder Rabbit

  • Birth Year, Type, Height:  2010 Bay Belgian Warmblood Mare (16h)
  • Breeding: Calmar x Eyken Des Fontines x Narcos II

Wonder Rabbit reminds all of us that that believing in one’s self is the most important thing to success. She goes into the show ring and bravely jumps huge jumps that are bigger than she is tall. People always stop to watch her because she’s cat-like and fast.

She’s a winner and believes every time she enters the ring it’s her stage and being the smallest does not mean she’s not the mightiest! She’s currently showing in the a/o’s and measures 15.3 1/2h to the highest point of her withers and 15h to her back.

Her favorite pastime is teaching the younger mares how to gallop at Feelgood Farm.

Figment of Your Imagination

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2003 POA/Welsh Cross Mare (13.1h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Figment is a special sport pony – not only has she taught many a beginner to ride, but at shows, she always brings home the ribbons.  When you ask, Figgy turns on the afterburners and smokes the competition in speed and power jumper rounds.  She rarely knocks a rail, has great scope and form and beats the full size horses every time.  And yet, Figgy is so gentle, we can put anyone on her, from toddlers on up!  This amazing little mare always gives us her best!

Brave Mojo

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: Welsh Pony Gelding (12.1h)

Little Mojo is a student-owned pony (currently offered for sale!), who came to live with us from Tennessee a couple of years ago. He is a very fancy pony who loves to jump and especially likes it when everyone cheers for him.

He has done really well at our local shows. Mojo is a very friendly pony who enjoys any chance to get attention.

Brown Sugar

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 1998 Haflinger Welsh Cross Mare (12.2h)
Sugar is a very cute and sweet little pony. She arrived at our barn in July 2009. Now she is a popular lesson pony, and best friends with Figment. Sugar is a slower pony and prefers to stay on the flat, which is great for small kids and beginners to gain confidence.

Bloo Light Special

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2000 Blue Roan POA Gelding (13.2h)
  • Breeding:
Bloo is a very interesting color, described as a “Pintaloosa” – part pinto and part appaloosa. Since his arrival in July 2009, Bloo has developed into an astounding sport pony. Not only is he amazing with all the kids, he loves to jump and does it remarkably well, bringing home the ribbons for the barn and its riders. He is a well-rounded pony, earning ribbons on the flat and over fences and even trying out fox hunting, where he excelled. And not content to be just a rock star in the ring, Bloo is also as sweet as can be on the ground. He has excellent manners and anyone can handle him, even small children. Bloo is the type of sport pony that everyone would love to have, but few are privileged to own. We consider ourselves very fortunate!
  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 5/10/1999, Arabian Gelding (15.2h)
SA Celtic Matador (Artax) was born in 1999. Occasionally naughty and always handsome, he’s one of our resident lesson horses and goes to a lot of local shows. Anybody can ride him and have fun at any level. He has a beautiful long mane and tail and is truly a looker (and he knows it!). Destined for the show ring by a famous Arabian stallion, No Question, Artax is a special uncomplicated horse.

Dr. Feelgood

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2004, Warmblood Cross (16.3h)
Dr. Feelgood (aka Ren) is a big, athletic horse. He is a very friendly, easy-going guy with a big stride and super jump. He has foxhunted in the past and loves to jump high. The best thing about Ren is his heart. He tries so hard to please. He jumps anything without ever questioning his rider.